Certified Wilderness Medical Courses

Wilderness Medic, LLC was founded and is operated by Brad Sablosky. With courses certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International, our curriculum is continuously updated and our certifications are widely accepted throughout the U.S. and worldwide – valuable to those working in the outdoor industry or as rescue team members. For state or National Registry EMT and Paramedics, our classes provide continuing education hours approved for use towards re-certification.


Colorado, Utah and beyond

Wilderness Medic offers Wilderness First Responder classes, WFR re-certification classes and Advanced Level Wilderness Medicine courses in the Southwest, Durango CO, Telluride CO, Moab, UT  and beyond. We are experienced medical professionals actively working in the field of wilderness medicine. Our  expert  hands-on instruction  is practical, relatable and comprehensive to beginners and medical professionals alike.

We partner with Kling Mountain Guides in sponsoring Wilderness Medical Associates classes in  Colorado.


Leading the way in Professional Level Wilderness Medicine

If you work, play, or just love the outdoors, you know how important it is to be prepared. The Wilderness First Responder certificate ensures you know exactly what to do in any situation and because our instructors are experienced medical providers, you’ll, get first person knowledge from people who have been there.

Medical Professionals

EMT’s, nurses, paramedics, PA’s, MD’s, etc.

Those seeking to advance a career in the medical profession or renew a WFR certification have an opportunity to work alongside other medical professionals. With our certification program, you can earn credit towards your E.M.T., paramedic recertification, or advance your nursing or medical license. Our training is perfect for nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants, and more looking to gain confidence in working in remote environments and is ideal in becoming important members of rescue agencies.

Outdoor Industry

People who are working or want to work in the outdoors industry

Many employers in the outdoor industry require having a Wilderness First Responder certificate. Our instructors have extensive experience working in the medical and outdoors industries, They have  they have first hand insight into those situations and knowledge to walk you through anything that may arise.

Outdoor Adventurers

People who travel in remote regions, families, retirees etc.

Whether you are on a backpacking trip through the desert, or just a day of skiing or mountain biking in the backcountry, be confidence that your prepared for the adventure. Our classes cater to individuals, couples, or families looking to have fun outside while still having peace of mind in knowing what to do in case of an injury or emergency. Recreating in our backyards should be fun, our classes help you stay safe so you can make the most out of your travels.